Protests, Disruptions and Walkouts–Oh My! Ft. Rosemary Giron

After Trump won the presidency hundreds of thousands of people protested around the U.S. and Los Angeles was no exception. I went to a protest in Downtown Los Angeles the night after election results. It was amazing to see people from so many walks of life come together for one common cause. We want better. We want to feel free in the land of such. We want equality. There was also a subsequent walkout on November 10th at Cal State LA, that grew to hundreds of students leaving their classrooms. Students and faculty were chanting things like “not my president” and “say it loud, say it clear. Immigrants are welcome here” This walkout trickled out to the nearby freeway on I-10 West. I stood on the overpass and watched as nearly 100 students went out and blocked the freeway. It took no time for police to block off the freeway and come out remove the students. Traffic was halted for about 30 minutes. Many people question why someone would block traffic to get a point across or why people protest or walkout of class. Listen as I interview organizer and local activist Rosemary Giron as she answers those questions.



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    Check out my radio show Shee Speaks where I interviewed LA activist and organizer, Rosemary Giron about the Trump Protests in LA.

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