Give Thanks: Stand with Standing Rock

As the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving, let us remember what this day means for Native Americans. While many of us sit at our tables with our families let’s remember those at Standing Rock in North Dakota fighting to protect our water and their sacred land. History repeats itself and the fact that something as dangerous and invasive as the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is being constructed is terrifying. The little media coverage on mainstream stations talking about DAPL is very biased and makes villains of the water protectors. The best sources i’ve seen for unfiltered coverage at Standing Rock is Democracy Now and TYT . In the most recent attacks from law enforcement, water protectors were hosed down in subfreezing temperatures, shot with rubber bullets and tear gassed. So while we take today to “give thanks,” we should also thank the brave men, women and children at Standing Rock for putting themselves on the line. We should also be thankful we have clean water to drink unlike those in Flint, Michigan who are STILL without clean water. Water is Life.

This episode features an interview by Jordan Chariton with Ryan Redhawk you can watch the whole video here

You can also donate for water protectors at Standing Rock here 

In Solidarity,

Javonne Crumby