Black Housing Controversy at Cal State LA ft. Sesley Lewis

Themed housing is geared at giving students who live on campus a sense of community. Universities across the country offer themed housing based on cultural bonds and scholar level. California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA) is no different, offering themed housing for first year students, honors students, and gender neutral inclusive housing (GNIH) for students regardless of gender expression identity or sexualorientation. This school year, Cal State LA offers housing themed towards Black and African American students. It is called Halisi Black Scholar Living Learning Community. Named after the late Dr.  C.R.D. Halisi, activist and former chair of the Pan-African Studies department at Cal State LA. This housing offers a space for Black and African American students and is open to anyone who wants to learn about the culture. Despite this, many media outlets namely right-wing conservative outlets have labeled this as segregation. In this show, I interviewed communications director and former president of  Cal State LA’s Black Student Union, Sesley Lewis. Lewis discusses how this housing came about and debunks the myths surrounding this housing. You can listen below: