Appreciation or Appropriation? ft. Naim Sadik



Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in to episode 7 of Shee Speaks via Golden Eagle Radio! Today I’m discussing cultural appropriation. We live in a country of different cultures, and every culture has style of dress, music, holidays and food. I think its great to embrace other cultures and take part in cultural traditions and festivities. Yet, the line of cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation seems to be crossed time and time again. The fashion industry has commercialized garments and traditions that are sacred to other cultures. People have been turned into costumes. Holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo have been reduced to an excuse to binge drink and wear outfits depicting those cultures in stereotypical ways. Women like the Kardashians/Jenner’s get surgery to give themselves features that Black women have been ostracized for. Hipster restaurants are popping up left and right under the guise of ethnic cuisine, to cater to the taste palates of gentrifiers. Why are things that are taboo for one culture to do, acceptable and even praised for another? Feel free to leave a comment below and as always you can “like” and share this post with the share buttons below.

Special Thanks to my guest Naim Sadik for joining me! You can follow him on all social media @theblackestfist

**Also, here is the link to the full article I referenced by Soleil Ho.