No Strings Attached.



Hey everyone thanks for tuning in to episode 6 of Shee Speaks via Golden Eagle Radio! This week i’m discussing hook up culture including casual sex and friends with benefits. I conducted a survey that got an overwhelming response in such a short amount of time! It was interesting hearing your views on casual sex. I think sex is a wonderful thing (hello, its the reason we’re all here!) I believe women shouldn’t be shamed for having a “high” number of sexual partners and we all have the right to explore our sexualities.  And if you’re choosing to save yourself for marriage or don’t believe in sex with someone your not in a relationship with, that’s fine too! We’re in charge of our bodies and our decisions so don’t let anyone make you feel like what you choose to do with your body is wrong! As long as the sex is safe, consensual, and all parties involved are transparent with one another, I say go for it!