Self Esteem


Hey everyone! Thank you for tuning in to episode 4 of Shee Speaks via Golden Eagle Radio. In this episode I am discussing self esteem. We’ve all battled with self esteem in one way or another. Sometimes it can revolve around our appearance. Maybe we were told we would never be successful in life. Maybe we fall in the trap of comparing ourselves to others. It’s not uncommon. With the recent uploads on Lil’ Kim’s Instagram of her skin hauntingly lighter than ever, I felt compelled to make this episode. We’re human, we’ll have our days  where we don’t feel like we measure up. But we are worthwhile. We all have a purpose in life. I hope this episode helps you if you’re feeling down. Just remember you aren’t alone.  This episode features uplifting songs from J. Cole, Tori Kelly and India Arie. Enjoy!



  1. Ellie says:

    This was really nice to hear, it amazes me how much looking a certain way is more shoved into my mind than just feeling good about myself. I’ve been constantly considering on getting a nose job, but the thought of going through all that pain just didn’t seem worth it. It also amazes me how hard it is to make girl friends because of that whole “silent competition” I compare myself to others which causes me so much damage, but when you said what do others think of when they compare themselves to me? I never thought what my efforts of trying to reach a certain level might affect how other people feel about themselves… I am looking forward in hearing your next episode! 😉

    1. I’m glad something really resonated with you! It’s so easy for us to fall in the trap of comparing ourselves to others and not feeling like we measure up. It’s so toxic! I’m glad to hear you changed your mind about such an invasive surgery! You’re beautiful! Thank you for listening, it’s much appreciated!

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