What 2015 Taught Me

I said it last year and i’ll say it again: here we are on the cusp of a new year that went by in the blink of an eye! This time last year I was living in San Diego, working two jobs, intent on going to San Diego State University and in a frenzy to make plans for 2015.  Read  What 2014 Taught Me. This go round I’m living in Los Angeles, working one job (for now), attending Cal State LA,  and eager for what 2016 has cooked up for me. Have you sat down and really asked yourself “What did I achieve this year?”  “What do I want to do next year?” I like to use New Years Eve as a time to reflect on my accomplishments and roadblocks, and set goals for the new year. Here’s what 2015 taught me.

  1.  Things Don’t Always Go As Planned, But That’s Not Necessarily Bad.

You can plan as much as you want, but some things aren’t going to go your way. This is true for relationships, career moves, pretty much everything. This couldn’t be truer for me! This year in March I heard back from the schools I applied to, my top choice being SDSU. I didn’t get in. This hit me really hard, because one of my main reasons for moving to San Diego  was to attend that university. I was told that students that completed their general education at a San Diego community college would have higher priority. But evidently higher priority doesn’t mean guaranteed admission. Alternately I got accepted to Cal State LA. Hence, my new residence in Los Angeles. So far I’ve completed my first quarter and I really like my university. I have awesome professors, and being in L.A. has given me so many more opportunities to pursue my career in broadcasting. Opportunities that I wouldn’t have if I were still living in San Diego or Sacramento (my hometown).

2.If They Don’t Help You Grow, Let Them Go.

I spoke about this last year in my end of the year post What 2014 Taught Me. But I feel we need to remind ourselves that negative people aren’t needed in our lives. Nothing is more discouraging than having people in your circle that don’t support you or stunt your growth. Anyone that tries to question your dreams or tells you you’re not capable of being a better you, isn’t someone that needs to be in your life. I had to cut a few people out of my life that questioned my move to Los Angeles, and told me I wasn’t any better off being there than staying in San Diego. They couldn’t be more wrong! In my short 3 months in this city I’ve managed to get an internship at a radio station, I’ve done an on camera interview with Dr. Melina Abdullah (Los Angeles organizer of Black Lives Matter), and I got my first 4.0! It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do for you! I feel moving gave me a new found energy and a sense of a fresh start. Anyone that doesn’t support you or makes you revert back to old ways isn’t someone to keep around. Life is about growth.

3. Don’t Settle for Less in Love.

When I think about the people I’ve dealt with romantically this year, I noticed a reoccurring theme with all of them, they weren’t ready for a relationship. I have this annoying tendency to ignore my gut when it comes to dealing with people who aren’t ready to take me seriously. I have a big heart and i’m traditional in the sense that I still believe relationships can work. I think right now we live in a time where people like to have the “benefits” of a relationship without actually committing to someone. I think people find titles or labeling a relationship as scary, and it can be. It’s hard to open up and allow ourselves to be vulnerable with others, especially if we’ve been hurt in the past. But we can’t let that fear stifle us from who could potentially be a soul mate. So I say, don’t settle for less in love because if its love that you want, don’t let anyone try to convince you that you don’t deserve it. Leave that nonsense in 2015!

4. Put Family First

This was something I struggled with for a long time. Ever since I moved away from Sacramento in 2012, family visits have been few and far between. Working in retail is a very demanding schedule; weekends mean nothing and going home for the holidays can mean losing your job entirely. That fear kept me from going home for a long time. Until this past Christmas, I hadn’t been home for the holidays since Thanksgiving 2013! This year I had to draw the line and told my job (a month in advance) that I was leaving for the holidays. Of course they gave me a hard time about it and tried to guilt trip me, but I stayed firm in my plans. Life is too short, and at the end of the day family is all you have. I’m so glad I chose to go home. My time back home allowed me to not only see my family, but reconnect with old friends. Always make time for family.

Alright, now time for 2016 goals!

  • Get a job in the broadcasting field (no more folding clothes for ungrateful customers!!)
  • Get a car (I know this has been on my list every year, but this is the last time!)
  • Make more time for fun (work hard play hard)
  • Stay motivated (I don’t know about you, but my work is never done and I love that!)

2015 was definitely a year of growth for me. I did things I never thought I was capable of, and I didn’t let the hard times keep me down for long.  *Raises Glass* Here’s to a new year of resilience and coming for everything we deserve no matter what people say!  *Clinks glass* Happy New Year! Let’s do things our way in 2016!